Daniel E. Straus

Being a real part of among the largest health care establishments, you can say that you are a proud professional if you keep yourself associated to this type of firm. Daniel E. Straus serves as the Chairman and CEO of several health care businesses. He also invests and manages health care companies. Being the past CEO and president of Multicare Companies Inc., sold in 1997, he still engaged himself into the same sort of organization.

Who’s Daniel E. Straus?

Daniel E. Straus is a successful attorney, philanthropist and business executive. Straus has his advocacy about health care companies made him a man with the heart for elderly. A professional that wields broad experience in the health care, schooling sectors and legal stuffs. After Straus completed his college days, he served on the Board of Trustees Executive Committee. Being a generous guy, he made a contribution for the founding of a fellowship program to NYU School of Law.

Straus being a leader

Aside from a man with all the heart for the elderly, he’s also a good leader. Daniel E. Straus is a wise leader with a powerful eye for prospect in the demesne of health care. It is a Medicare-based organization that targets helping people with chronic illness. Straus functioned as Chairman of Aveta, Inc. In the year 2003. Additionally, he placed as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) in the year 2006. Straus additionally launched The Straus Group while managing other healthcare companies in the same time. He’s the character of being flexible and can do multitasking, just to follow his advocacy. Straus began the Multicare business – grow it successfully and conducted growth. He developed a relationship with his brother and they both done a great job of creating a progressive health care business.