Meet Daniel E. Straus: A Philanthropist First, A Businessman Second

The name Daniel E. Straus consistently rings a bell – it’s joined with state-of-the-art yet affordable health care facilities scattered in several states in the United States of America. He was a lawyer before he becomes an entrepreneur, building a small business left by his dad into a mini-empire. From four nursing homes, his facilities are now able to accommodate thousands of patients who are drawn to the affordable yet comfy nursing homes he owns.

A Man of Compassion

Unlike other wealthy personalities who become slaves of their wealth, Daniel E. Straus stays a servant leader for his thousands of workers. When many of his workers were hit by a typhoon, he raised millions of dollars in order to help them have a fresh start. His credibility brings him millions of dollars in merely a single fund raising event.

Daniel E. Straus functions as a model and inspiration to his thousands of employees.

Evidence of this guy’s business acumen is turning the four nursing homes that their father left them into a multi-million dollar industry. By maintaining high quality services, he has been able to attract customers who are able to pay for the state-of-the art health care facilities which he has.

Today, he has various companies outside of health care and all of these have prospered through his leadership.