The name Daniel E. Straus consistently rings a bell – it’s joined with state-of-the-art yet affordable health care facilities scattered in several states in the United States of America. He was a lawyer before he becomes an entrepreneur, building a small business left by his dad into a mini-empire. From four nursing homes, his facilities are now able to accommodate thousands of patients who are drawn to the affordable yet comfy nursing homes he owns.

A Man of Compassion

Unlike other wealthy personalities who become slaves of their wealth, Daniel E. Straus stays a servant leader for his thousands of workers. When many of his workers were hit by a typhoon, he raised millions of dollars in order to help them have a fresh start. His credibility brings him millions of dollars in merely a single fund raising event.

Daniel E. Straus functions as a model and inspiration to his thousands of employees.

Evidence of this guy’s business acumen is turning the four nursing homes that their father left them into a multi-million dollar industry. By maintaining high quality services, he has been able to attract customers who are able to pay for the state-of-the art health care facilities which he has.

Today, he has various companies outside of health care and all of these have prospered through his leadership.

The name Daniel E. Straus may not be one that everyone knows, but he has made quite a name for himself in the universe of health care and company. In his college years, he attended Columbia University and New York University and at one time was an attorney in New York City. That business possessed quite a number of nursing homes and this is where he began to learn how the elderly lived and how their health care was taken care of. He did that until 1997 when the business was sold. He has done rather a lot in his life with his abilities and his straightforward compassion for people and their healthcare.

Straus and the Elderly

Daniel E. Straus is a guy who has spent rather a lot of time attempting to make the lives of the elderly considerably better. After his time with The Multicare Companies, Inc., he determined that he wanted to do more for the elderly. He founded Care One, LLC. This organization now has over 70 nursing homes and assisted living homes. He has done rather a lot of hospice care in addition to pharmacies and home health care. He has demonstrated that hard work and compassion for the elderly can truly help them as they age.

Working with the elderly isn’t all that Daniel E. Straus has been doing as of late. He’s been running quite a number of charity events and is known for helping with hedge funds and real estate. He has had a fundraiser for cancer research along with Hurricane Sandy aid. He really believes in helping others to live the best life they can.

Daniel E. Straus success in business can be imputed to his commitment to provide high quality and exceptional service to all clients. These are what he swears his future clients and unlike other businesses that do not meet a few of their promises, this attorney turned businessman consistently keeps his word. Those who have been admitted to any of its own facilities attest to the exceptional lodging that they encounter. Food is superb, the atmosphere is friendly, and nurses are consistently caring.

The Key to the Success of Daniel E. Straus

In many firms, workers only do their best when their superiors are watching. Nevertheless, this does not really happen with the workers of Daniel E. Straus. His folks are constantly imbibed with superior work values and made to comprehend that their primary job will be to keep their customers fully satisfied in any way times. Possibly, his concern for his workers has made them additional true to him. One of the proofs of his dedication to his employees was when he raised capital for them after a hurricane devastated their community. Through his efforts, around a million dollars was raised. The sum was used to supply them with new homes and property so that they’ll begin a brand new life.

In every visit to a facility he makes, his words and actions consistently served as inspiration to his employees. Daniel E. Straus always reminds them to supply outstanding service. Their customers deserve top quality treatment – one that makes them feel they are unique and that it’s the duty of the staff to see to it that they feel welcomed and cared for at all times.

Customers’ testimonies are full of compliments to the owner and staff of the facility. To them, the ambiance, the food, as well as the special treatment they get led to their pleasant encounter.

Being a real part of among the largest health care establishments, you can say that you are a proud professional if you keep yourself associated to this type of firm. Daniel E. Straus serves as the Chairman and CEO of several health care businesses. He also invests and manages health care companies. Being the past CEO and president of Multicare Companies Inc., sold in 1997, he still engaged himself into the same sort of organization.

Who’s Daniel E. Straus?

Daniel E. Straus is a successful attorney, philanthropist and business executive. Straus has his advocacy about health care companies made him a man with the heart for elderly. A professional that wields broad experience in the health care, schooling sectors and legal stuffs. After Straus completed his college days, he served on the Board of Trustees Executive Committee. Being a generous guy, he made a contribution for the founding of a fellowship program to NYU School of Law.

Straus being a leader

Aside from a man with all the heart for the elderly, he’s also a good leader. Daniel E. Straus is a wise leader with a powerful eye for prospect in the demesne of health care. It is a Medicare-based organization that targets helping people with chronic illness. Straus functioned as Chairman of Aveta, Inc. In the year 2003. Additionally, he placed as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) in the year 2006. Straus additionally launched The Straus Group while managing other healthcare companies in the same time. He’s the character of being flexible and can do multitasking, just to follow his advocacy. Straus began the Multicare business – grow it successfully and conducted growth. He developed a relationship with his brother and they both done a great job of creating a progressive health care business.